Oil Change

Regular oil change is the best thing you can do for your vehicle to ensure proper maintenance of the engine. Engine oil ensure the smooth operation of the all internal components of the engine as well as proper lubrication of seals and gaskets. Due to the age and the heat it starts breaking over time and looses it's beneficial properties, efficiency and does not transfer the heat as good. Here at Z Auto Service we have notices that people either will be very particular about their oil changes and want specific engine oil as well as the filter used in their vehicles, sometimes even bring their own parts. Or they will just want an oil change done and will not care too much. Either way we will always respect your choice. As long as you do an oil change and do not risk putting too much pressure on your engine, we all are good!

Our oil changes include:

  • Up to 6Q of engine oil of your choice

  • New oil filter with performance guarantee

  • Washer fluid top off

  • Vehicle safety inspection: tires, lights, air filters, fluid levels, wiper blades, breaks and leaks


Our most popular are universal 5w-30 synthetic oil blend and full synthetic engine oils. Synthetic blend is a mix of conventional and full synthetic oils that let's your car run for 3000-4000 miles between services whereas full synthetic is a top quality oil that allows you to go 5000-6000 miles between your services. To put it in simple way they are all the same oils just with different essential mineral count that let it withstand high temperatures and break down longer therefore last longer allowing bigger service intervals. I have elaborated more on that in the blog sections Oil Change or LOF or Lube Service. We also offer engine oil of different viscosity like 0w-30 and 10w-30  or any other type of oil of your preference. The first one is the thinner one which can be used in newer engines and the second one is more of the higher mileage oil that some like to use in the vehicles with a lot of miles. There is no engine oil or brand that is specially designed for a specific make and model.


Different from the car parts where you have to check compatibility with your vehicle when buying, engine motor oil is SOLELY your preference. If you are good with your maintenance services you are going to be fine with regular synthetic blend engine oil change that will let you go up to 4k miles. If you know you usually go over those miles between your services just get the full synthetic one for a peace of mind not to risk damaging your engine with time. If your vehicle has a lot of miles you might consider getting thicker oil just to help your engine last longer but if you are good with your services, there is really no necessity because you will get a completely new oil with our service anyways. High mileage oil changes are more expensive as well. That is really all the difference no matter how difficult it may seem. Be educated, informed and make the best decision for yourself!   

And in case you are particularly concerned with overall condition of your vehicle, we also offer multiple BG product supplements and cleaning agents for engine as well as other vital vehicle systems. If you have any questions, need a consultation and do not have time to stop by, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you at our service center!