Oil Change/ LOF/ Lube Service

I have already discussed briefly in my last post why car maintenance is important. Today I will elaborate a bit more on oil change service for you to have a general understanding about it's importance, different types of oil and additives that can contribute tremendously to overall performance of your vehicle. So next time you are going for an oil change you know exactly what you need and why.

  • Importance. Changing oil on your vehicle is the main service that is done when taking care of your vehicle's engine. If you have ever seen an engine taken apart you know that it consists of many critical areas that have to interact perfectly. If that does not happen, wear and tear occurs leading to the more serious future problems. For example, oil leak indicates that the seals are most likely worn out due to lack of lubrication and age. It eventually can lead to decreased oil level and damage vital internal parts. In order for all internal components to be working smoothly they need to be lubricated enough, that assures proper engagement of all small pieces that make it all work together. Remember, not enough oil is bad but also too much oil is bad so always make sure that your dipstick is right at the full mark.

  • Cause. High operating temperatures, altitude, stop and go driving as well as long intervals before oil change contribute extremely to the depletion of oil additives that prevent oil breakdown. Oil oxidizes and becomes more susceptible to formation of harmful deposits, heat retention, increased viscosity and sludge formation leading to:

  • reduces fuel economy

  • reduces power output

  • increased exhaust emissions

  • increased oil consumption etc.

  • Oil filter and engine oil. It is absolutely more important to change your engine oil periodically than to have the best and the most expensive oil filter and oil. Like mentioned above, any engine oil consist pretty much of the same thing and various additives are the only thing that distinguishes one brand from another. More expensive brand engine oil may have more critical oil additives but it does not assure you in any way that you will not damage an engine by putting 15K miles on it without an oil change. It is always emphasized that no matter if it is conventional or full synthetic engine oil it will last you up to 3K to 5K miles or up to 3 moths to 6 months, accordingly, which ever comes first. Because it is a product and it has an expiration date. You cannot expect the car to perform with enhanced efficiency when putting old gas in it. Likewise, you cannot expect enhanced performance with old engine oil. There are too many natural factors that contribute to engine oil breakdown during all the mechanical engine parts moving inside of the engine. So no matter how great your oil is, the harder the engine works, the more friction it creates, the more it breaks down the oil.

  • Beneficial additives. There is one thing you can definitely do in order to take more control over the condition of your engine no matter how many miles there are on it. There will always be certain amount of deposits and sludge already formatted inside of any engine that will decrease overall performance of the vehicle. There are certain additives like BG products or similar that are designed to clean the whole system inside out of deposits, lube all internal components, dramatically improve compression and make your oil last longer while keeping the fuel system clean between every oil change. I will talk more about that in my other post.

In conclusion, prevention is always the best way because every big problem starts with a small. And every small issue can and must be prevented. Every drip, seep or leak in your car alerts you about something, and if not taking care of it will eventually become a bigger and more expensive issue. So I encourage everyone to take a better look at your cars and listen to what they are telling you. The sooner you will take some actions, the longer your car will last you. And it all starts with the small things!

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