BG Products

Since 1971 BG Products, Inc. has been specializing in high quality automotive maintenance services. I have mentioned in couple of previous posts that in order to maintain the overall health of your vehicle you have an option of adding beneficial additives to the systems of your concern. Those systems can be fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, drive line and climate control systems. Anything that you are most concerned about or anything that due to the mileage requires more attention.

I have talked numerous times that over time every system in your car tends to form a harmful build up of clumps and deposits that eventually prevent it from working efficiently. Lack of lubrication causes wear and tear of important gaskets and seals which leads to potential seep and leak formation. That is where BG additives come in play. They assure that the system is cleaned entirely and proper performance of every system is restored. In addition to that, internal components are fully lubricated providing complete engagement and assuring the enhanced performance.

The reason I am actually taking time to tell you about this products is because the company actually stands behind their products. You can find numerous different additives specially designed for particular system but then you feel like you are always taking risk when using it. What if it is not working? How do you know since you cannot always see it? That is where BG does an excellent job. They actually have a huge research and development laboratory where they constantly innovate keeping products highest quality for an ever changing automotive industry. In addition to that they have demonstrations held in conventions and their training facility to prove that. And probably the best thing that beats anything if you need more assurance is their life time protection plans. It is a lifetime protection plan coverage up to 4000$ on fuel system, engine, drive line, brake system, power steering, cooling system and up to 2000$ coverage plan on transmission. All you literally have to do to maintain protection is perform services with BG products every 7,500 miles for fuel and engine systems and 30,000 miles for all the rest of the services. When you think about that, in order to maintain their protection you only have to do the services once every 1 to 2 years. In order to qualify for 100% coverage initial services must begin within 36,001 and 75,000 miles. If you start performing them before 36,000 miles you qualify for 200% coverage. What gets better than that?

I highly recommend doing your research and checking their YouTube videos as well as social media. It is really worth 10 minutes of your time just to see what I am trying to explain you. I use that and I wish I could have discovered it before 75,000 miles to have the coverage but at any mileage you can feel the difference. They also provide before and after pictures that sweep any doubt that one might have because they really speaks. I have provided several pictures below as example but definitely can not fit everything in one post. That is all for now, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach me. As usual, I will try to help with anything I can. Cheers!