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BG EPR Product

August 6, 2018


I want to take a second to talk about the BG EPR product and how just recently it proved us what it is really capable of! A week ago we have received a car - 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500. The customer complaint was thickening noise in the engine compartment. And we all know that is usually no good news for the customer. I mean, any car that ends up being at the repair shop means no good news for the customer. But any mechanic without even looking at the vehicle will likely to guess ticking noise being valve lifters. Surely, any noise need to be properly diagnosed since there can be so many reasons for it but statistically 9/10 times unfortunately it does end up being valve lifters. Most vehicles have hydraulic valve lifters that are regulated by engine oil pressure and if it is not adjusted right, it created too big of clearance between the camshaft and rocker arm. Components move around making that specific tapping, ticking sound which occurs due to play in the valvetrain. 

It is very important to address the issue as soon as possible or at least get the vehicle diagnosed properly because with time ticking noises may progress and the damage may be irreversible. Gladly, the owner of 2006 Chevy did exactly that. All engines have specific noises but this one, the customer said, was something unusual and would get worse with fresh oil or when the car warms up. Which is very usual for the lifter problem. The thing is cold or old oil has high viscosity. That is why when the car warms up and viscosity drops it becomes too thin to pump up the lifters. The same thing happens when the oil is fresh, it is too thin and slick. But when it gets old after few thousand miles and thickens, the noise goes away till the next oil change. We have checked the oil level and the condition of oil, did a little more diagnostic but all the indications were leading to valve lifters. Nevertheless, since customer brought it in timely manner after hearing unusual sound we did not want to condemn valve replacement right away. We had one idea in mind with hope that situation still was reversible. BG EPR product is a powerful engine cleaner that dissolves the worst deposits that clog rings. You are only supposed to run EPR for 10 minutes but we did a whole hour and added MOA engine oil additive for better lubrication and maintenance of internal components afterwards. When we started the engine, the noise was no longer there but you will never believe the amount of gunk that came out with old oil. It is not our first time working with BG product but after numerous classed and presentations as well as on hand experience, it never stops surprising us.

Another recent example of how good the trio: EPR, MOA and 44K, works together has to do with oil consumption. 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe which is notorious for excessive oil consumption. But the customer was coming to the point where she would go through a quart every one thousand miles. It means she would not make a regular oil change without going lower than two quarts of oil that already suggests a risk of damaging an engine. We offered a performance restoration kit (EPR,MOA and 44K) with the next oil change to see if it will slow the oil consumption. It sid exceed our expectations completely. Not only she made it through her regular oil change with flying colors but it also restored her fuel economy and power.

That is the reason we took time to write about this spectacular BG product. You can be a believer or not but when you are there to witness the outcome and hear happy feedback of your customers, results speak for themselves. And that is what the whole automotive industry is all about. Delivering promised results. If you are in doubt and do not know what to do about the unusual sound in your vehicle. Do not be afraid to go to the repair shop, the fact of something going on with the car will not change by your procrastination. But by addressing the issue sooner than later, like it happened in our case, you still have bigger chances of saving. As usual, call, text or stop by and we will do our best to help you or give our honest opinion and advice! Cheers, guys! Enjoy the summer!







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