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My Goal For You Is...

January 1, 2017


My goal for this blog is to educate YOU on your car. Not everyone is a mechanic and many things about our vehicles are not self explanatory. Yet we depend on them greatly and unfortunately one never knows when something is bound to go wrong. So when it does my goal for you is to have an idea what it might be or even prevent it before time. 

Probably, everyone has found themselves at least once in their lives coming in for an oil change and before you know it being told about ALL of those things that MUST be repaired and presented with a bill that is as long as the list of the things you might not always completely understand. Do not get me wrong, hopefully that happens only in case something is really wrong and can be spotted and prevented at the right time. But let me stop you here for a second. DO NOT rush into just unconditionally agreeing with everything that is being told to you and you happen not to be exactly a specialist in that field. You have a right to ask questions, be explained and even shown if need be. It is rare that a vehicle is in that bad of a condition that it needs absolutely everything to be done on it. If you have not been driving it for 10 years, then maybe. Otherwise, very unlikely. Usually, it will be a list of things that a good mechanic will noticed when inspecting the vehicle for safety, maintenance and repair matters and all of those things can and should be prioritized. Customer then to be informed on the most important issues and left to make a decision if he or she want to do it all or take care of the most important things in the very first place. The only thing you MUST do is to be confident about your decision and be comfortable with it. That is why I am reaching our to you. I am asking you to help me educate you on basic things about your vehicle in order to be informed enough when the time comes and make the best decision for YOURSELF!


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