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Why Car Maintenance Is Important?

January 31, 2017


We constantly get customers to come in and say something like this 'they recommended SOME maintenance to be done on my vehicle based on the current mileage it has'. The good thing is that they try to listen to recommendations and consider maintenance important enough to actually do it. But what is not that great is that they usually say that with the doubt in the voice not completely sure why they need it. Let's fix it. I will break everything down for you so you can understand car maintenance good enough and next time anyone talks to you about it, take matter in your own hands. Do it because you understand why you need to do it not because someone is telling you to do so.

Simply put, vehicle maintenance is preventative action you take to make your car serve for as long as possible. You see, when you become an owner of the car is does not mean that you just have to clean it once in a while in order to see the road clearly and fill the gas when it indicates that the tank is almost empty so you can get from point A to the point B. And you just wait for something to break since that is natural, because parts wear out over time from heavy everyday operations. Apart from the engine, transmission, differentials and the other major components our vehicles consist of, there are all the small miscellaneous seals, gaskets, bolts, fluids etc. that wear out as much as the big things do. But what I can not EMPHASIZE enough to you that usually all the problems begin with that small stuff that we do not pay enough attention to. It is rare, for example, for an engine to blow up randomly, it will probably start with some minor leak or continuous oil change overdue that causes harmful deposit build up inside of the system. To majority it usually seems like not a major thing. It does not help that we grow up with the belief that engine oil is basically the only fluid we need to keep an eye on and change periodically. But what about transmission, gear, differential, power steering, brake fluids or coolant? Do you think they never ware out even if the vehicle has 100k on it? Nevertheless, those fluids are responsible for the smooth and proper operation of the overall systems as well as lubrication of the seals and moving parts. Now think about how much it takes to just start your car, how many processes happen in just a few seconds and what a great impact heat, stop and go driving as well as altitude have on it. If the fluid is old it will not lubricate the seals enough and they may start cracking and leaking. It will also cause sludge formation and harmful deposit buildup that will lead to system failure. Continuously, that will affect the major parts and when that happens it is usually already too late. That is why you are always told - leaks might be dangerous. To spot a seep and change a seal is cheaper than noticing engine knock and replacing an engine, agree? And even if that does not go that far, ignoring vehicle maintenance schedule may lead to reduced fuel efficiency and power, overheating that cause the fluid to wear faster leading to one of the system's failure.

Now do not think that, oh great, now I will have to spend more money making sure maintenance is up to date. It is advisable to do that at least once which is usually when you hit 100k threshold and if you want to be on top of the game performance restoration and injection clean is usually done every 15k miles and the rest every 30k miles which comes to once a year or two depending on how much you drive. So it is not that bad overall especially that it will, I promise, save you money in the future and definitely make sure your car serves you for a long time!


Please, if you have any questions, need advice or want to consult - do not hesitate and shoot me an email, call in or even stop by. I would be glad to help in any way at any time!



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