Tire Services in Englewood, CO

At Z Auto Service we provide complete tire service. We work closely with ATD Tire Distributors to offer our customers a wide variety of tires and competitive pricing. We also encourage our customers to send tires that they have ordered online directly to our shop to have them ready when they show up for their appointment. Our goal is to help you in the very first place and we understand that certain items online have pricing that is hard to beat. Especially tires! 

Many vehicle owners take their tires for granted, just assuming that they will keep going indefinitely. However, you shouldn't neglect your car or truck’s tires! They are arguably one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and ensuring that they are in good condition can improve your overall safety and vehicle performance. 


Proper tire maintenance includes:


• Replacing worn-out vehicle tires 

• Checking your tires' air pressure, especially when the seasons change

• Ensuring that your vehicle tires are properly aligned 


Below are more details on when you should replace your vehicle tires and how often you should check their air pressure. 


How Do You Know You Need New Tires?


You should buy new tires if your tire treads are worn out. You can check whether the treads are worn out by using the penny test. To conduct this test, place a penny into the grooves between your tire treads. While placing the penny, ensure that President Lincoln's head is pointing down. If you can see the top of President Lincoln's head, you should replace your tire because that indicates that your tire treads are worn out. You should also replace a tire if:


• It is more than six years old.

• It produces excessive weird vibration and noise even when you are driving on smooth roads.

• It has bubbles on its side.

• The rubber is cracked.


How to Tell Your Tires Need Alignment


Taking your vehicle for regular checkups will help you know when your vehicle tires need alignment. However, if you notice the following, have your car tires aligned:


• Your vehicle keeps pulling to the right or left.

• Your car tires are wearing unevenly or rapidly.

• You often hear your vehicle tires squeal.

• Your steering wheel is usually not straight when your tires are correctly aligned.


How Often Should You Get Your Air Pressure Checked?


The frequency at which you should get your tires' air pressure checked depends on the season. For instance, in winter, you should have your tires' air pressure checked at least once a month. In summer, you will not see many tire pressure warning lights. However, if it is possible, have the air pressure checked once every month. 


Tires are just as important as your vehicle’s internal parts, and it’s just as important to ensure that they are in good condition. If you need reliable tire services that help you stay on the road with no unpleasant surprises, bring your car to Z Auto Service! 

Tire services that we offer:

  1. We sell tires. But we do not stock them. We are able to provide a list of tires that fit your vehicle and recommend what best fits your needs. If you have a desired tire in mind, we are more than happy to look if our distributor carries the exact brand you are shopping for and if their pricing is competitive. Our distributor delivers 3 times a day so same day services guaranteed! 

  2. Change tires. When it comes to changing tires from old to new or summer season to winter we offer it all. We have all necessary equipment to mount and balance your tires quickly and prepare your for the new season. Make sure your tires are balanced to avoid shaking in the wheel on higher speeds!

  3. Tire rotation. We recommend rotating your tires every 6k miles that is every other regular oil change or every full synthetic oil change. This will help you get more even ware out of your tires and also retain the warranty if there is one present on the tires. Often people are not aware of the fact that any tire warranty can be voided if you cannot prove rotation serviced that have been performed to assure proper maintenance of the tires. 

  4. Flat tire repair. Whether it is leak due to a nail in the tire, faulty valve stem, leaky wheel - we are equipped to get you back on the road in no matter of time.

  5. Tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS). These sensors are considered a safety item because if one of them is broken, you might be driving on with the flat tire and not even know about it. It also will not show if one of the tires is losing air for you to be prepared during a longer trip and in general not to cause damage driving on low tire to new tires. There are occasions when they get damaged when tires are being replaced or stop working. It is a nice feature to have but when they break - sensors can be costly to replace. Only sensor can reach up to 150$ in cost. Since here at Z Auto Service we have special tool and scanner we offer TPMS replacement for 100$ flat fee.

  6. Alignment​. It is advisable to do an alignment when you get new tires to get maximum out of your recent purchase. Alignment will assure your wheels are standing in right angle to get even ware. To get new tires with installation is usually looking at 400$ and up. Alignment is 75$, it is so worth doing it for a piece of mind to get your tires to last as long as possible. Bigger corporate chains will try to sell you unlimited  alignments with new tires but honestly after you do an alignment  unless you hit a curb bad or any other road obsiticle, you will never use that service you bought.

These are main tire services but as usual we will gladly take a look at any issues you are experiencing with you wheels and tires. If we cannot help, we will try to advise you and find the best solution together. You are never alone! Stop by Z Auto Service or do not hesitate to call us!