We are Z Auto Service, a Used Car Dealer that primarily specializes in car maintenance and repairs. Recently, we have acquired a used car dealer license, so from now on we also sell used cars that are in perfect mechanical condition because that is what we stand for. We are negotiable and because we do not have much overhead - we can offer you a reliable car for a good price! Please, call, email, or stop by (by appointment only) if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

Dependable Used Cars at Low Prices

Even though you may be buying a used car, this is still a large investment that you should never take lightly. When you purchase used vehicles, there is a potential to get ripped off and wind up with a useless vehicle that needs expensive repairs. A critical element of the buying process is having your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic you can trust.


At Z Auto Service, making vehicles work and keep working reliably, day after day, is what we have always done for our customers. Now we bring that same expertise, know-how, and experience to serve those who are looking for the best deal on a used car in Englewood, Colorado.

Pre-owned Vehicles that Pass Our Rigorous Inspection


Because car maintenance and repair is what we do, we’re able to ensure that the pre-owned vehicles on our used car lot have clean titles, are able to pass inspection and emissions tests, and are in perfect running order – ready to be your reliable daily ride from the moment you leave the lot.


We’re experts in evaluating used cars and know what to watch out for. Some of the things we check include:

  • Whether there is any damage to the chassis. If there is any mismatched paint, rust, dents, chips, or dings, or anything that looks out of place, you should suspect an accident or poor upkeep. It is better to pass on vehicles that you suspect were involved in an accident and to question the value of anything that seems like it is in poor shape for its age.

  • The subtle signs of rust repairs or flood damage.

  • We perform a pre-purchase inspection to determine if there are any performance or running issues that are correctable.   

  • Proof of proper service and repairs.

  • How many of the parts are original (OEM) or aftermarket, which can make a difference in the quality and longevity of those parts.


We are upfront with our customers about the used cars and other vehicles we sell. Because our overhead is low, we can afford to keep our prices low and negotiable. After all, we want you to keep coming back to our establishment for all your car maintenance and repair needs after you purchase the vehicle – so we do our best to please every customer.

Timing Your Used Car Purchase


Consumer advocates recommend purchasing vehicles in the “off-season” for that type of vehicle, such as shopping for a convertible in the cold winter months and 4x4 vehicles when the weather is pleasant. Larger dealerships have more inventory to move, especially in July and early August when they need to move cars off the lot to make space for new models.


At Z Auto Service, however, it’s always a good time to buy. Our low overhead means that we don’t have to pressure our customers into making a purchase that doesn’t fit their needs. We pride ourselves on our personalized service and our ability to offer reliable used cars that work with your budget.


Browse our current selection of used vehicles on this page and check back frequently as our inventory changes. If you see a car, you’d like to test drive or have questions about, contact us by phone or email. Our used car dealership is open by appointment only so that we can give each customer our undivided attention.